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Here I would like to share an ukhuwah games entitled: Islamictionary.


Things needed:

  1. -Al Quran with translation
  2. -40 Hadith by Imam Nawawi with translation
  3. -Seerah references
  4. -A few white paper for drawing purposes
  5. -Pencil
  6. -Timer


Aims and objectives:

– To explore more about asbabun nuzul of Al Quran, elaboration of Hadith and some knowledge on Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w


How to Play?

-generally speaking—> just like Pictionary 🙂 , but this one is more Islamic Knowledge based.

-The Flow of the game:

  1. Participants are divided into pairs (A and B). 1 person; A will be in charge of drawing, and the other person; B will be responsible in guessing the pictures i.e answering the Question.
  2. ‘A’ will be given a question in the form of either of these: i) Chapter name in Al Quran, ii) Hadith Number (from 40 hadith) without revealing the hadith title, or iii) An event in the Seerah.
  3. ‘A’ is then to draw an image that is related to the Question given in an allocated time, at the same time, B must guess the picture and say it out loud as fast as B can to answer the Question and win that particular session. The answer should be in the form of name of Al Quran Chapter, title of Hadith, or the Seerah event.
  4. Reminder: ‘A’ cannot draw any number or alphabet; ‘A’ can refer to the Al Quran or hadith to read the translation when necessary:)
  5. Time allocated is 1 minute, ‘A’ can only start drawing once the timer starts.
  6. The first group that guesses the most of the pictures correctly win the game.


Examples of Questions (with suggested answer depends on creativity):

  1. Surah Al Fil: one might draw image of elephant
  2. Surah Al Quraisy: one might draw image of winter
  3. Surah Al ‘Adiyat: one might draw image of horse
  4. hadith 3: draw a building with 5 pillars supporting it
  5. hadith 4: draw embryo
  6. Isra’ Mi’raj: draw makkah and baitul maqdis showing connection in between


Wallahu a’lam