‘Ramadhan: The Month of Blessings’ Campaign (4)

‘Ramadhan: The Month of Blessings’ Campaign
Brought to you by IKRAM EMSY
–DAY 4–

Common Misconception about Ramadhan


The common misconception is that Ramadhan is only about fasting. Then you can ask yourself, what about people who are ill and unable or not strong enough to fast?


Look at ourselves when we fast. Do we only abstain from eating? What about talking badly about others? Are we spending our time performing zikrullah? Are we spending time our free time to read the Quran? (this precious guidance from Allah was revealed during Ramadhan after all)


Those are questions whom only we can answer to.


It’s not too late to learn about the true meaning of Ramadhan. We’re learning, everybody’s learning. And the most challenging part is to perform and practice what we’ve learnt.


It’s never too late so get your act together now and let’s make this Ramadhan a better Ramadhan than the previous Ramadhan.



Video of the day:


From the ‘Ramadhan: The month of blessings Campaign’ team
Usrah Fityan (Leicester) of IKRAM EMSY


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