Sharing pengalaman ke rumah kanak-kanak

The Children’s Home-A beautiful experience

I was trying to get to know this really innocent-looking kid, aged around 10 years old or so.

We were doing medical check-up at that time, which was one of the activity arranged when we came to visit the Children’s Home – a home for about 120 orphans/sheltered kids.

“Adik, adik dah berapa lama duk sini dik?”

“Dari 2001.”

“Ohh.. mcm mana boleh duk sini ya?”

And his answer made me speechless.

“…kena buang kat tong sampah dulu.”

What..? How…? Why..?? Ya Allah.. How could his parents do something like that to him? (Presumably it was his parents who threw him away). How could they? Oh, poor boy.. I’m sooo sorry to hear that!

How is this boy going to live his life carrying the fact that he was once unwanted by his parents, who had treated him like rubbish and had actually thrown him near the rubbish area?? Unlike other babies whose births are joyously awaited and celebrated by their parents, his wasn’t 😦 .

I didn’t know what to say to him in reply, I was still in shock hearing his answer. I wanted to say it’s allright, you’re a strong boy, Allah loves you so much and will take care of you always, but all I could speak to him at the moment was..

“Takpe dik..Allah ada..”

Yes, I pray Allah will always be there for you, dear, give you blessings, and I hope you will be a really soleh boy, and be successful in this life and the hereafter..

I think I was going to just cry at the moment then and there, but then, macam tak macho je. So I just bit my lip, held back my tears, and moved on to speak to the other kids. But my heart was aching for the boy… 😦

There were kids who looked like they’ve got healing scars and bruises here and there, and I could only imagine how they could have gotten them from. There were many kids who are orphaned, and listening to them actually saying “mak bapak saya dah meninggal” or “bapak saya tinggalkan saya kat sini” was so heart-wrenching.

Auw, poor kids, having to grow up without parents to love and care for them….Who will stand up for them and protect them in bad times? Who will buy them birthday cakes and give them hugs and kisses on their special days? Would they get new baju rayas every Eid like other children? And em, would someone come to their school to collect the report cards like parents usually do?

Hm, anyway, after that, the children had to go to 3 other stations besides the medical check-ups. Hand-washing, mouthcare and a games station. After that, we were ushered to their hall, and guess what? They had performance in store for us!! They were so cute on stage, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing.

And then, this really talented 12-year-old boy just HAD to sing this very very sad song, Kasih Ibu. Hoho, that time, I cannot tahan anymore, tears were streaming down my face. I mean, most of them are orphans and this song must mean so much to them. And when I turned to my side, everyone else was in tears too!

And then the staff also had surprises for them, lots of balloons, KFC for everyone and the KFC mascot, Chicky came!! You can imagine how excited these 100+ kids were at that time. Such a happy moment. And I was so happy seeing them so happy 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah, the visit to the Children’s Home today was a great day with many great reminders for myself. To appreciate what I’ve got and always be thankful to Allah for the many blessings He has given me. To always love the less fortunate ones like the orphan/sheltered kids because they too are in need of love. A reminder for myself to do a bit more for them, now and in the future inshaAllah.

A lovely quote from Karem Salama’s video A Land Called Paradise that I found inspiring, may it be an inspiration to all of us inshaAllah..

“When I die, I hope the poor, the weak and the oppressed miss me”

Salam wbt


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