“intelectual declining”??

SeSI 2011
(my reflection)

After nearly a day attending this event has enlightened my mind so much about Islam and the systems under it. The talks that have been delivered had inspired me very much not just because of the content but also those speakers who had delivered them. Yes, it is true that ‘lisanul hal’ is far stronger in effect compared to ‘lisanul maqal’. The speakers are from various educational fields and they are very experienced in terms of their educational background. I thought they have shown a good ‘qudwah’ (role model) to us all students who attended the seminar. They have shown to us the example of Muslims whom are successful in their fieldnot just for themselves, but also for the benefit of the ummah.

Islam is the deen, ie a way of life. Being a muslim is not merely about having Islam as one’s religion, but rather it is a responsibility to be executed in every single thing that we are doing.

As students, there are many things that we can do in order to bring back the Islamic Era where muslims were the point of reference for the ummah. I learned that students can play important role in this issue. 

But, ‘how do we get there (the Islamic victory)? What role can we play?’ was one of the questions being asked to the speakers during the forum session. Hearing this question had really strucked my rusted mind. I just realised that i have not been serious in pursuing the aim to contribute for the revival of Islam.

‘There is intelectual declining’. Yes, muslims are lacking knowledge. If we look back at muslim history and make a comparison between past muslim scholars and the current muslims, it is obvious that we are far from them. Hence, we need to fill in the gap! 

But how do we do that?

‘We need to start with ‘alfahmu’ (understanding)’. Hence, there is a need to equip ourselves with the correct understanding and knowledge that we can optimise for the benefit of the ummah. ‘We need to excel in our studies, akhlak and in our organisation that we are involved in. Share what we know with others via dialogues, writing and publish papers etc.’ 

Alfahmu –> Al ‘amal Assoleh

‘But how do we make sure that we are always motivated into this?’ was another question being asked to the speakers. The answer:
1-be steadfast (istiqamah)
2-shape our mind to have idealisme
3-culturise the habit of seeking knowledge 

Last but not least, ‘always think of future generation’…what we do now will have an impact on future generation…

Yes, there are too many things to be improved in ourselves..but inshaAllah, let’s make our first move until we reach the destination if not now, in the hereafter inshaAllah…because it is the effort that counts!

–post-SeSI 2011–


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