time to change

wrote this on the 24th of November 2008 (2 yrs ago?) and just thought of sharing it with others 🙂

salam everyone..

just want to share with everyone a tazkirah that i heard last weekend. hopefully everyone could benefit from it :)

referring to the title;teori perubahan karut? now, what on earth is that?

well, this theory explains the mindset of a few  of people in this world that want to change and become a better person but they are always waiting for a significant event to change them.

For example, lets take this one guy who is a heavy smoker. He wants to quit smoking because he knows that smoking is not good for him but he is too addicted that he cannot stop himself. One day, his dad, who is also a heavy smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer and only has 3 months to live. Startled by the news, the guy finally finds the strength to quit smoking…on the spot!  amazing huh?

Well, maybe all of ya non-smokers could not relate yourselves to the above example, rite? so let me give you one example from my own experience. When i was in form 2, my Quran recitals (“mengaji”) was quite bad. Maybe because at that time i was quite lazy when it comes to doing the tilawah. One day, i attended this program during the holy months of Ramadhan and we had to do the tilawah in our groups. One of my group member was a standard 4 and her Quran recital was amaaaazing! She was like a Qariah junior and i was amazed at her voice and how fluent she read the Quran. After we finished our tilawah, another group member of mine, who is one year older than me, said to me: “its a shame how she can read way better than us and yet she is the youngest in the group” –> *Dush* at that time, I felt like a huge rock just fell on my head. I was determined from that second, that i will improve my quran recital and from that day, i (insyaAllah) tried my best to not miss my daily tilawah and alhamdulillah, my recitals are now (insyaAllah) better than it was 7 years ago.

Now, can you relate that example with the theory above? well, actually, i have always realized about my weakness (i.e “mengaji teruk”) but i wasnt bothered much to do anything to improve myself and it was as if i was waiting for an “event” or a “miracle” to happen before i change.  And that is exactly what this theory is trying to say. We want to change and become a better person, but for some reason or another, we are always delaying it, with reasons like “my friends will be shocked” or “its not the right time yet” and the list just goes on and on and on. But then again, we have to ask ourselves, when is the right time?  what if death comes knocking on our door before the “perfect time” arrives?

Im not trying to say that we have to change drastically, 180degrees in one night, but everyday, we have to improve ourselves and try to become a better person slowly. If an event or a miracle does happen to us and it managed to change us then we should be grateful to Allah the Al-Mighty, but if it doesnt, then dont blame fate for the lack of effort to change.

before i end, ask yourselves; are you a part of this theory?are you a penganut “teori peubahan karut”? yes? no? maybe so?


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