More than just a Superman?



Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah for giving me the chance to share again:) Yay! Sorry, if I am too excited 😀

Actually I have just came back from meeting with my special friends. Why are they so special to me? Because they are not just ordinary friends. Yes, they really aren’t 🙂 Thinking about it again, by just spending around half of 24 hour with them, had already solved most of my problems that I have been experiencing for the past few days..Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for organising such a blessful gathering:) till we meet again inshaAllah…


I also learned one important formula. I really love Mathematics. I really really miss my Pure Maths subject. Sorry if I keep on repeating the same thing, when it comes to Maths, just bare with me..:D Even my medic groupmates predicted that I might become a Maths Teacher after I finished my MBChB Medicine…I have never realized that my passion in Maths is that obvious..still, please do not ever rely on me in counting simple calculation, i always depend on my calculator to do that…:D


Anyway, back to the formula. So what is it? It is about an equation explaining about Self Confidence.

PT + (PP)(A) = SC

PT: Positive Thinking

PP: Potential Power

A: Action

SC: Self Confidence


The formula above is self explanatory rite?

“That is so because Allâh will never change a grace which He has bestowed on a people until they change what is in their ownselves. And verily, Allâh is All-Hearer, All-Knower.” 8:53


Human potential is beyond that of a Superman. But, on one condition. We must fulfill our part i.e to implement the PT, PP, and A… and at the same time pray hard and consistently!


Let’s….Hayya bina ya ikhwah wa akhawat fillah!




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