Not good enough??


Praise be to Him for giving me one more day to live inshaAllah:) Today is the Imam of Days. I really hope I am better than yesterday.

Allah, He is the best knocker of the door of our hearts. He has never giving up on knocking our hearts even for a second. But have we realized the fact that He is knocking? Do we really hear Him? Or are we just ignoring Him every time He knocks the door? Astaghfirullah…

Lately, my motivation has been running down the trough state. But yet, He sent someone to look after me. One by one. I always feel that I am not good enough to receive such a special monitoring. Yes I am not. That is how I feel about myself. But still, He keep on sending His reminders via people around me.

Yesterday, when I saw her smiling, it reminded me of the greatness of a sincere smile. Yes, it was a really sweet smile. The one the cools your heart when you see it. The one that makes you smile back wholeheartedly. Subhanallah…Oo Allah, You just reminded me how I have not been smiling wholeheartedly all this while..Astaghfirullah…Thanks Allah…

This morning, when I saw her (another person) prayed to You hardly, it reminded me of the greatness of making Dua for You. The sweetness of talking to You directly. Yes, that was the feeling. And the fact that she came all the way here just to spend a night with You had really touched my heart. And though I know I am not good enough, I still feel honoured for You have chosen me to accept her presence. Thank You Allah for all of these…

Last night, I felt really bad when I had to burden her (another person). Though I know she must have been really tired after a whole day at school, added with additional journey for the sake of Allah, she was still willing to help me. May Allah repay her for what she has done..inshaAllah…

Oo Allah, make those hearts that You inspired to help/inspire me to be sincere and always in peace and blessings of Yours…Amin…


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