Inspired by them..

Just a lil bit of reflection that I wrote after attending a talk by Ismail Patel (of Friends of Al Aqsa) in Leicester Uni, somewhere in February this year.


Sometimes, (although this may sound silly), I would put my fingers around the neck to feel the carotid pulse, and check if I’m still alive. And at other times, I would try to feel the apex beat (in layterm it is the area where your heart beats strongest on the left side of the chest) to see if my heart is still thumping (and Alhamdulillah it never fails to beat so far=) ). Oops, this is sounding a bit too medic now hehe.

When I am fully assured that my heart is still beating, happily flowing blood to the rest of my system, I’d then feel this great sense of gratefulness to be alive. Because sometimes we take our living in this world for granted, and we forget to thank Allah for giving us this great ‘nikmat’. Sometimes we forget to just stop and think that it is such a magnificent gift to still be able to inhale and exhale FREE air, to have FOUR limbs instead of just 3, to use the eyes to look around and see the different colours of the world, to be able to listen to our friends’ chattering away and so much more.

But some people are not so fortunate. Not as lucky as us. They wake up to the sound of explosives, of bombs flying away, they may even wake up realizing that their mom/dad is not there anymore by their side. They may have lost their siblings too and not have anyone to play with anymore. And we’re talking small children here, babies even. And worse still, they may be the victims of those who have no heads and no hearts at all; these innocent kids are wounded, shot to death even.

That’s what happened, and is happening in Palestine at the moment. The civilians are wounded, physically and emotionally and are faced with cruelty and atrocities and other unbelievable inhumane acts. How would YOU feel if it is your own daughter/son/sister/brother who has to face this every single day? In fact, they really are our own sisters/brothers, our own daughters/sons too. Maybe we are not tied together through blood, but we are definitely bonded for life through this akidah, this beautiful faith and our obedience to Allah the Only One God that, they too worship!.. Allahuakbar~

I went to a talk by Ismail Patel recently (he’s the founder of Friends of Al Aqsa, which is based in Leicester) and according to him 85% of Palestinians are living in poverty. Hundreds of them are unable to get the proper health service and help and is in danger of dying, and supply of important medications are not even enough for these people.

And imagine, when the war hit Palestine, the phosphorus bomb was used, and the Palestine doctors didn’t know how to treat the wounded ones at first, as never had they encountered those kind of wounds before. Such a game that the Zionists are playing, it is disgusting! From my own reading, the phosphorus bomb is a chemical substance that is used as weapons which causes severe burns sometimes burning the skin to the bone; and the entire body of a victim may be burned in just an hour.

The Power Plant was destroyed too, schools were not able to function, hospitals with its operating theatres, incubators for babies (just to name a few) can’t function too.

Behind their sufferings and sacrifices, I am still very much awed to the fact that they are the chosen ones, those who are given the opportunities by Allah to be warriors of this religion. They are the ones who will uphold Islam in good and bad times, and they are very near to achieve martyrdom and succeed in the hereafter insyaAllah.

This is very much an inspiration to myself. The Palestinians are close to be rewarded with Jannah (with Allah’s willing of course), but how about me? Have I done enough for this religion to be able to get as near as them? With my very very very little contibutions to this Deen already, will Allah choose me too?

O Allah, there is nothing, NOTHING that I want more than to just see your face, and meet you in Jannah one day~ Please choose me too, to be one of your obedient servant like the Palestinians who are fighting for You. Please make me a humble ‘Abd to You, one who is strong enough do anything for You, and keep guiding me as I am no one without You~

Lastly, let us all remember the Palestinians and learn from them of their motivation to keep persevering in this, that is: to please Allah and attain His rewards and blessing in the hereafter. Never forget them- in our prayers and in everything that we do. They are there fighting in this war against the taghut; it’s their jihad, and it is actually ours too.

For we are brothers and sisters; and their sufferings are ours too.

Let us make people aware of the situation in Palestine/Gaza. Open our eyes and hearts and spread the words~


2 thoughts on “Inspired by them..

  1. The suffering in Gaza is immense and no Government (apart from Turkey, recently) is taking serious action against the Israeli injustice. In times like these it upto civil society to challenge the status quo with brave actions like the attempt by the flotilla to directly break the siege – I believe Ismail Patel was part of the flotilla, we need more people like this who are willing to take immense personal risk to remove this oppression.

  2. That is very true. I agree that it is people like you and me, the civil society who can make a difference if the governments are not opening their eyes to see the reality of the Palestinian plight. Therefore let’s get more and more people to understand this issue and be a part of it too. A little contribution from each and every one of us will go a long way, it will definitely make a huge difference inshaAllah. And may God accept it as good deeds and points for jannah one day 🙂

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