Wonders of Nature

Salam alaik…

Alhamdulillah, I’m back at my “office” now. So, can mess around with my diary again. Hehe…

Well, yeah, first and foremost, I would like to apologize to anyone who stopped here but didn’t find something precious or benefit to ponder.

I’m kind of, you know , like, lack of pace to write, sort of.

Maybe it’s because of exams time.

Talking about exams then, I have done three papers by this time I’m writing tonight and “luckily” there are still 6 papers to go.

Huh..kind of hard work yeah? Hehe…

Just reminiscing to what has happened to me when I was in first year, I think I was in a stressful condition at that time because I found Physics is real fundamentally hard to learn.

But, as time goes by, and as I’m getting older (oh, no!!), I start to fall in love with Physics. And surprisingly, the more I learn Physics the more I find it so interesting and the more I can relate it to Allah.

It is such a beautiful enormous knowledge to learn. And speaking by heart, it is also a privilege for me to understand physically of what is actually happening in the other side of the world such as the cosmology thing; ie: the galaxies, the stars, the solar systems and the particle physics which we sometimes take it for granted.

It is , if I could say, such a brilliant world of science that I actually can explore and understand what matters are made up from, and how things can stick together. Like you and me and the whole wide universe.

Physics is all about the combination of the microscopic and macroscopic world.

It just likes when we look at our own body, whether we realize it or not, our body is actually made from something that has no life, ie: muon particle, tau particle, H2O, O2, CO2, acid lactic, etc etc….

And yet, miraculously, here we are. Living as a human being here on Earth, enjoying every past, present and future of the time.

Now look at the Sun. Look at the concept of the sunshine? How? Well, the sun shines because of the fusion and quantum tunneling process. And it is such a great philosophical complex process to just understand in one page of writing. (the best you could do is google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

But seriously saying here, you don’t even need to be scientist to understand scientific thing. Everything is in internet. You just need a passion to learn and insya Allah you’ll be able to learn everything out of nothing.

Insya Allah, together we learn and together we worship Allah. Because no matter how wonderful the science could prove, there is always one question that left in mind>>>>>WHO’S ON EARTH CREATING THIS MAGNIFICENT LAW OF NATURE????

Science can only prove this law, but who is behind the scene???

Of course, as a Muslim, I would easily find the answer. He is ALLAH!!!

Well, got a present for you guys.

p/s: Just like when the medic student start to fall in luv with medics stuff.

Maybe the same syndrom now that I have. Hehehe….


2 thoughts on “Wonders of Nature

  1. that’s a good one, sis masyaAllah!
    everything around is a reminder from God, of His existence, of the purpose of our creation..just look around us and see the many signs.
    And indeed,,knowledge is power.. Seek knowledge and insyaAllah our iman will grow too.
    Keep on writing~

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