Keep going! =P

Salam alaik everybody…

Huhu..Soo sorry (especially to K.long) for i’m not really updating my story lately..

Juz too lazy and I lost my momentum to write too honestly…

Huhuh..what was actually happen to me for the last 2 months?

Ohhoo..It was just a little bit too hard to explain here…



Maybe..=P I think I get myself back.

 I’m working on my studies again.

I got my guts once more and yeah… I think I don’t want to loose them no more.

Once is enough.

I’ve seen a lot of people that believe in God better than me then they drowned into what we call “world”.

And I don’t want to sink like them while I’m still on the ground.

Sometimes u might find your feet stand firmly on sand but your soul is just like on air!

It does happen to me and usually when I reflect it back , I detected the reduction in my IMAN due to some resistive leakage.haha….what on earth am I talking about?huh…


10 years ago, I always wondered why I need to be nice to people. To behave politely when there were guests around. Why sometimes I could not get all the stuffs that I wanted.

In fact, sometimes I needed to just give it up and let the other people took it…And years ago, I wondered why I needed to queue for hours and waited for something that I actually can go and grab it.

I wondered how someone can be soooo disciplined and behave all the years in the school and became a very strict prefect. I wondered all about them.

Don’t they ever have any feelings to break the school rules even just for once?And..if they ever felt that, how did they overcome such a feeling? I was just really wonder………

But that the story for agessssssssssssssss agooooooooo……

And now…. I UNDERSTAND why…

I UNDERSTOOD why I need to do all those things.

I just need some time to LEARN and to  FEEL it by heart.

I just need a LONG way of journey to understand the word of FAITH.

Faith in RULES, faith in good ATTITUDE, faith in PATIENT, faith in BOSS, and the most important thing that I learnt was faith in GOD and all His words…

Hmm….I look at the people around me.

Some of them not wearing hijab like I did. But after I explore what is inside them, I found that they really have a good, soft and clean heart.

The reason is just they’re not strong enough to make it. But I don’t want to say much about this because  like I said just now, I myself need a very very long journey to understand the word of FAITH. So do them. I think they just need a couple more of time to learn it, very slowly and hopefully when they get that spark, it comes from the bottom of their heart. Huhu….

Learning process is never short. It takes time and people usually look for never ending support in their search. So, what we actually can do to help them is to support and pray for them. Always be patient towards them and at the same time try to our utmost to keep advicing them in a very hikmah way.

In my case, I’ve found mine and I’m trying to keep it on. But in some other people cases, they maybe still seeking for that and perhaps they’ve just found that and now they’re struggling to catch it up though the process seems to be very slow….

Hmm…I look at the people around me again…

They’re just a little bit too different from me and my family. I mean their way of life.

Some of the come from a very rich and wealthy family. Travel around the world is nothing to them. Their families consist of doctors, lecturers, engineers, lawyers, bussinessmen, and whatsoever…bla-bla-bla….They have relatives all around the Earth. Thousand  pounds of money are easy for them and they just never face any hard time in life….

Hmm…I simply be honest to you guys…Sometimes I can’t help myself to feel jealous about them. Such kinda feeling just come to my mind in a split.

But then, I realize, I slap my cheek, put my feet on the ground again and try to stand straight and look in the sky humbly.

I’m no one…and each of them also someone who is no one in front of GOD without TAQWA.

Wealth is not the scale to enter paradise. Allah will weight our good deeds and our hearts regardless of our wealthy. All of the people are just the same in akhirah. We are all the Allah’s slaves. Wa la gholibu ilallah… There’s no strength BUT Allah!

So….my heart feels calm….

I’m working towards my success..And Allah governs my destiny… I try to utmost, and Allah decides it for me.

I just still learn and  try to always remember that I would never know when Allah will take my soul! And when the day comes, I want to die in a husnul khatimah.


Learning never ending…

Dakwah will never stop spreading…

And understanding other people is always the best thing!

Erm..I would like to dedicate a song to all  of the readers…This is a very special song you know.Here it is….

Telah ku daki puncak tertinggi..
Telahku turun lembah dan gurun..

Tidak ku temu mana pintu mu..
Untukku seru rasa rinduku..

Telah ku daki puncak tertinggi..
Telahku turun lembah dan gurun..

Sungguh ku buta dalam cahaya..
Sungguh ku lupa tika bahagia..

Sedang KAU dekat bukan dimata..
Sentuhku erat di pinggir jiwa

Sedang KAU dekat di pinggir jiwa..

Biarkan airmata melimpah..
Biarkan luluh cinta tercurah..

Segala kasih rindu tertumpah..
Seluruh hati aku berserah..

Ya Allah….

Ku tunggu waktu bila bertemu..
Hidup matiku hanya untukmu..

Hidup matiku hanya untukmu.

p/s 1: A very long post from me this time! huhu..grammar tunggang langgang, sorry. I’m not really good at writing (esp in English, haha)=P

p/s 2: I miss my mom and my dad A LOT! I want to hug them and say, “mom,I really love you coz I’m here today becoz of you. I am what I am today becoz of you.I arrive at UK today becoz of you and I’ll do everything only for you mom…”


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