summer bukan waktu ber”cuti”

I dont know what really pushed me to go to Kelantan last week but I think there was 2 things that really helped me in making the decision whether to go or not.

First, my soul was too “dry”, It has already been 3 weeks of summer holiday, yet the only “food” that I gave to my soul was only 1 day of daurah,1 ziarah, 1 week of relief mission and 1 session of usrah. Too little for such a period of time.  I knew I needed more, and the oppurtunity was right there in front of me, all I needed to do was buy a ticket to Kelantan.

The second factor that pushed me to Kelantan was how much I missed my sisters especially the “heartsandhugs” sisters 😛  Only Allah knows how happy I was to see the faces of Ema, Didi & Wan there. It has been a month since I last saw them and there was so many things to catch up.

Besides that, meeting other sisters from all over the world has really enlightened me and their spirit has motivated me to insyaAllah work harder. Somehow, they have taught me that dakwah does not need us, but it is us that needs dakwah & tarbiyyah. If i didnt go to Kelantan or any other programs, the only person who would be at lost would be myself. Allah can replace me with someone else who is willing to work for Him.

4 days in Kelantan has really taught me a lot and I am so grateful to Allah for choosing me to be there. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!

My dear sisters,

summer might sound like a holiday for some of us, but it is actually one of the best time to gather as much “bekalan” as possible before we go back to our respective universities. Msia is flooded with ustaz/ah, book stores and sisters that iA we could all benefit from. There are many oppurtunities and work waiting for us but  it all depends on us whether we want to grab the oppurtunity or not.

Please remind me if I forget.

Hope to hear from the others soon =)

p/s: wanfarah & kmai, rindu korg jugak..hehe


3 thoughts on “summer bukan waktu ber”cuti”

  1. kak wan mai, miss u too 😉
    nk hugggg yg lama2 sgt3…

    i need all of you!! insyaAllah nnt jumpe=)

  2. salam kak wan mai..
    i felt very heppi too seeing your face at KIBAR.
    but sorry for cant spend much time wif u..
    guess u knew y.
    ok k.mai..insya Allah nati jupe ag…=)

  3. haha. kak wan mai!! sorry r saya telah menyusahkan akak dgn problem ntah ape2 tu..haha.. pening2 pasal sester. last2 semua nye sudah berlalu.. alhamdulillah..
    jom bergerak lagi..jgn pernah berhenti..

    xkan berhenti..berlari..wujudkan mimpi..
    terus berlari agar hidup ini bererti…

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