Yogjakarta Indonesia Relief Mission

(adapted from facebook note of a fren)

Salam to all,
In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate,

“Who is it that will give Allah a beautiful loan? A loan that Allah will repay after increasing it many times and grant him a generous reward”
Al-Hadid 57:11

Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) UK Ireland Student Chapter will organise a relief mission to Yogyakarta/ Jogjakarta Indonesia to continue their help for earthquake victims there.

The Indonesia (Yogyakarta) Relief Mission Team would like to make plea for donations to make this mission a success. The donations will be used to purchase relief-aid necessities and will be donated to the target group in Yogyakarta. Besides that, the donation will also be used to purchase items needed for the mission activities (ie: mobile clinics, sunathon). If you need an official letter regarding this Relief Mission or donation drive, please feel free to contact me through emai as provided.

We would really appreciate the kindness of those who would like to contribute for this mission. For those who are not in the best position to donate in monetary values, we also appreciate that you could pray for the success of this mission.

More information can be found on the paperwork that can be downloaded here:

For donation, please transfer funds directly to:

Republic of Ireland Bank Account
BANK NAME: AIB Bank, Baggot Street
(Ferdaus Tahar)
ACC NO: 19479023
SORT CODE: 93-10-12


United Kingdom Account
Account Name: Nuruldina Alia Samdin
Account No: 27166860
Sort Code: 30-98-93


Pay Pal Account
(Mohd Ferdaus)

Please enter statement as ‘IRM 09’

Every cents, pennies, quids, yens, euros are greatly appreciated.

Take this opportunity to do good insyaAllah. You never know how a single penny from you might change another’s person life, might determine another person’s life or death.

May Allah bless and reward your kind and pure intentions with the greatest of all rewards insyaAllah. Thank you!

Ferdaus Tahar (Republic of Ireland)

For more info, click here:


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