Hearing Before Sight

Just a short and sweet reminder for myself and my sisters~
Jzkk Ema for sharing some parts of Ustaz Erfino’s talk with K mai a few days ago, and she said U.erfino had mentioned this in his talk.. Alhamdulillah I have googled this up and found this~
Always remember, our sense of hearing and sight are two of the most wonderful gifts that Allah has given us, and there are many more that we sometimes tend to forget if not reminded.
All praise be only to Allah, the Creator of the World, and mankind…
Sense of Hearing and Sight
The first sense to develop in a developing human embryo is HEARING. The foetus can hear sounds after the 24th week. Subsequently, the sense of SIGHT is developed and by the 28th week, the retina becomes sensitive to light.
Consider the following Qur’anic verses related to the development of the senses in the embryo:
“And He gave you (the faculties of) hearing And sight and feeling (And understanding).”
(Qur’an 32: 9)
“Verily We created man from a drop of mingled sperm; in order to try him:
so We gave him (the gifts), of hearing and sight.”
(Qur’an 76: 2)
“It is He who has created for you (the faculties) of hearing, sight, feeling
and understanding: little thanks; It is ye give.”
(Qur’an 23: 78)
In all these verses, the sense of HEARING is mentioned before that of SIGHT. Thus 1400 years ago the Glorious Qur’an has alluded to the order of the senses in the developing foetus. First HEARING develops; thereafter SIGHT. Modern embryology has only discovered this fact centuries later.
Subhaanallah ! : GLORY BE TO THE CREATOR.

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