Understanding the conflict

Assalamualaikum everybody…

I just want to share a very deep video with all of you…I can guarantee that you’ll be able to understand more about GAZA-ISRAEL-HAMAS through this video.Ok, let’s watch together and make your own judgement!!

p/s: Stop the occupation is the first step.The issue is not HAMAS,not JUDAISM,not JEWS, not MUSLIMS, but it is all about ZIONISM who creates this chaos and so-called occupation here in GAZA. It’s stupid to say that you are liberating GAZA.How come the GAZA will be liberated with the armies constantly watch over the palestinians??

It’s the time to Americans to take action.Put as much as efforts you can to push the US government to STOP this silly foreign policy. STOP supporting and protecting the CRIMES!!

We really can’t continue with this….=(



Marilah kita bersatu-padu dan bekerjasama memboikot barangan-barangan regim laknatullah ini..sekian,wassalam…


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