monopoly and Al-humazah?

salam everyone..finally Allah has blessed me with ideas and a free time for me to write in this wonderful blog πŸ™‚

Yesterday, the Msian Society held a games nite for all the members to chill and enjoy playing board games together. Amongts all the games there, i dunno why i was so attracted to Monopoly. Maybe because it has been a long time since i last played it or because it has always been one of my fav childhood games.MySpace


After an hour or so of playing Monopoly, i realized how dangerous this game could be as it can bring out the worse in a person. Lets see a few examples that i think we could reflect upon:

  1. Feeling greedy: everyone wants to buy the most sites, build as many houses on each site so that they could receive a lot of money each time an opponent lands on their site. The more money a person has to pay you, the more happier you’ll become
  2. Jealousy: i cannot help but feel so jealous with those who bought a lot of sites and kept receiving money. It seems as if the rich ones just keep getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer *sigh*
  3. Feeling happy every time i receive money or when some one lands on my site (is this the same as no 1? oh well..) and also the urge to curse when something bad happens eg when I have to pay someone or go to jail MySpace
  4. There was this one time, i landed on a site that had 2 houses and i had to pay 600pounds!! Since i was the “poor” one in the game,
    i could only pay 200pounds. But the owner of the site wouldn’t accept debts so she asked me to sell a few of my sites to her, MySpace but i refused (really reaALLY REALLY refused – bleh bygkan x suasana yg begitu tegang diantara pemilik site yg “tegas” & penghutang hehe) i dunno why but it felt so heavy to let go of something that’s yours, plus giving away my sites will mean less income for me!

There are loads of other examples that i think all of you could think of but those are just a few. Now that ive set the situation, let’s relate this with surah Al-Humazah. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me the chance to hear the tafseer of this surah during my usrah.

Surah Al-Humazah:

1. Woe to every slanderer and backbiter.

2. Who has gathered wealth and counted it,

3. He thinks that his wealth will make him last forever!

4. Nay! Verily, he will be thrown into the crushing Fire (Hutamah).

5. And what will make you know what the crushing Fire(Hutamah) is?

6. The fire of AllΓ’h, kindled,

7. Which leaps up over the hearts,

8. Verily, it shall be closed in on them,

9. In pillars stretched forth (i.e. they will be punished in the Fire with pillars, etc.)

This surah is a makiyyah surah and it actually reflects on the behaviour of the Quraisy people back then, but i think all of us could clearly see how relevant this surah is to all of us nowadays. There are 3 categories of people that Allah mentioned here; the slanderers, the backbiters, and those who like to gather wealth. But today i will just focus on the third category.

Wealth and material? Dangerous things these are.. It can make you forget about the hereafter, make you greedy and jealous and etc etc. It can make you forget about the Almighty and about the main purpose of life. MySpaceIf you think that wealth and material can make you last forever, then you are wrong! It would be a shame if wealth controlled us and not us controlling our own wealth.

In this surah, Allah has linked the action (slander,backbite,gather wealth) with the consequence,ie the hell of Hutamah (crushing fire –> now that sounds SCARY!) In verse 6, it mentions that Hutamah is the fire that Allah has kindled, and when Allah relates Himself spesifically with anything, it means that it is going to be something DIFFERENT and when i say different, it may mean more hotter or scarier than the other hells.Wallahualam. Even the fire from a candle can make me cry and scream of pain, what more from the fire of hell, or Hutamah-the crushing fire, that Allah himself will light the fire up???? MySpace“Ya Allah, jauhkanlah kami dr api nerakaMu”

And in verse 7 it mentions that the fire will leap over to the heart. Why did Allah spesifically mention the heart and not other organs like the brain as it’s position is higher than the heart? Well, its because all of the actions mentioned above in the surah all comes from a BAD HEART. If we remember in the 6th Hadith that Rasulullah mentioned that in our body there is a morsel of flesh and if that is good then the whole body will be good MySpace and vice versa, and that morsel of flesh is our HEART!!

So,lets all take good care of our heart and try to stop ourselves from slandering or backbiting people and gathering wealth too.MySpace

dunia-hatiHopefully what happens during Monopoly stays there and doesnt happen in the real world MySpace


10 thoughts on “monopoly and Al-humazah?

  1. slm,,wan mai ek ‘black sheep’ ni? hehe
    great piece of writing sis~!
    a ah , baru sedar la board game monopoly ni mmg ada unsur2 yg tersebut kat dlm surah al-humazah..
    tp takpe, dlm real life kite jgn la apply ek!

    teringat lagu dawud wharnsby n zain bikha ‘Can’t take it with u’ : “Put your wealth in your hand, take it out of your heart!!”


  2. thanks kak mai & kak needa for the comment..baru igt nak write anonymously sbb tu guna nama pena tu..hehe..kite pon suka gak lagu Dawud tu.best2!
    and to kak needa, emoticons comel sbb tempias2 penulis die.hehe πŸ˜€

  3. salam wan mai..menarik entry ni..syukran meningatkan..moge2 kiter sentiasa dijauhkan daripada 3 golongan nie..especially backbiters tu..huhuhu.. pon xpernah terpikir pasal ‘bad habits’ dalam game monopoly tu b4 mmg membuke minda nih

    luv from india

  4. great application of what we shared..Sesungguhnya mulut yang berkata-kata ini lebih dekat dengan telinganya sendiri..Takut mulut ini terkunci di akhirat dan lain-lain anggota akan menjadi saksi..nauzubillah

    Sama-sama kita ingat mengingati…


  5. akhirnyaa…….hihi
    thanks k.wan mai sangat2 entry ni…bagus tul idea blog ni. tambah lg utk wan yg lbih suke mendengar dan memahami time penyampaian di usrah..hehe.(time lecture pun gitu, hehe)so, bile tulih balik kt blog, wan bleh catat blik, kalau x di kertas, di hati..insyaAllah..

  6. thank you everyone πŸ˜€ All praise to Allah for giving me the idea masa main monopoly.hehe πŸ˜› sbrnye entry ni ditujukan utk diri sndri,nak remind myself not to backbite others, slander others and moreover, put wealth in my heart and not my hand 😦

    to wansitah: skang giliran awak plak menulis πŸ™‚ mesti byk mende nak share kan ? hehe..

  7. besnyer ENTRY neh..hehe..tapi..sape da richest one tu???ohoho~~~k.wan mai..nk wat cane..malam tu agak murah rezeki..=)strategi itu penting..hehe..pepum,cayelah,entry ni bes sgt!!=D

  8. Salam..

    Org yg dinamakan sebagai ‘who has gathered wealth and counted it’ tu specifically kepada org yg dok kumpul2 harta dan tak nak infaqkan harta dia ke jalan Allah.

    I think that you should specify this so that others don’t think that Islam doesn’t let us to be gain wealth.

    hadith ini menunjukkan bahawa kekayaan itu adalah kurniaan Allah kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakinya dan itu adalah kelebihan baginya jika dia memahami.

    Kesimpulannya, kalau main monopoli tu, kalau ade orang2 yang miskin tu, sape2 yang kaye tu sedekah2 la sikit. Hehe..

    Xdela, gurau conclusion yang betul.

    Board game ‘monopoly’ tu sniri dah tak betul sebenarnya. Maksud saya pkataan ‘monopoly’ tu.

    Islam melarang keras kita memonopoli dalam perniagaan kerana mempunyai unsur2 kezaliman. Oleh itu, saya rasa tak payah la main monopoli. Baik main chess ataupun congkak.


  9. kak wan mai….ala, kite terlambat bace lah nih, huhu…artikel nih mmg bagus la ~pemilik site yg tegas~ hehe

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