Special Birthday Dedication

A special dedication to the girl who celebrated her 21st birthday a week ago, hope it is not too late =)


Wan Maisarah ,
Flat 9,
Holloway House,
Oxford Court,
Oxford Street, LE1 5XX, Leicester.
*with lurveeee*

“Hope all your wishes will come true,
we will all pray that Allah will help you along the way,
keep you safe and sound,
grant you blessings and happiness in the world and the hereafter….”

Kak Mai and adiks2 ;p


4 thoughts on “Special Birthday Dedication

  1. thankkkyouuuu kak mai & the others =)
    my fav part of the song:
    “my wish for you
    is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
    your dreams stay big,
    your worries stay small,
    you never need to carry more than you can hold” (2:286)

    pray that the years ahead of me are better than the past 2 decades..huhu..

    p/s: kak mai, kite dok flat 6 tau ;P

  2. eheh sorri, flat 6 ek? typo laa ;p
    ala ema, kite tau awk byk nak cerita kan, kalau takde idea, meh kite kasi idea,, ha ! awak bole crite ape awak dpt masa talk k zue or k hajar ke or mcik ina ke..hehe..
    -tak saba nk baca tulisan ema n didi pulak- =)

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