Fi Lailati


dedicated specially to my dearest sister, wan sitah: your favourite song~

also to wan farah,didi, ema and wan mai !!

ukhuwah fillah abadan abada~ 🙂


In one of the nights,
I dont know what happened to me,
Darkness Covered me O my Rabb,

The earth has been narrowed, and (also) the sky,
and my heart haven’t know the light,
And tears stayed, crying O my Ilaah

Ya Ilahi 3x

I committed a big sin,
And I am inside my sadness a captive,

Chained by the sin O my Rabb,
Does the sinner deserve forgiveness, O my Ilaah

I admit my sins, O my Ilaah
You are the one who created, mercied and blessed me,
All the time you were with me, O my Rabb.

However, I went far away from you and forgot your rights,
And waked on my way, O my Ilaah.

And today O my Rabb,
I come back from a darkness beyond the boundaries,
The heart is broken and my sight is confused.
Ang I am sinking and see no one but you to rescue me,
No help except you,
O my Ilaah, O my Ilaah


6 thoughts on “Fi Lailati

  1. Salam to all 🙂

    I really love this song. Thanks to wan sitah for suggesting it to me..;)

    Tonite is such a special night. Very different..I myself don’t know why..But tonight, I learned a lot.. I learned that everyone will be tested by HIM in different ways..Sometimes I overlooked this, thinking that I am the only person having problem in the world….which further makes me thinking how lonely I there are no other people having the same condition as myself…

    And tonite, I feel quite sad, sad that I don’t have the chance to spend some time with my friends..of which I have planned..of which I have anticipated so go out for a dinner with them…but, it’s true right, we r just the planner, but HE determines what’s best for us rite 😉

    I always ask myself, why am I always don’t have the chance to spend with them.. I love them all…but I don’t know how to express my feeling to them..Allah knows all..That’s what I used to say to myself…

    I know that, I should not feel this way, feeling sad, because Allah knows better and He always give what’s best for us…

    Still, I always hope and pray to HIM so that HE will always shine his blessings to our friendship..Allah please help me…I don’t know what to do..except to turn to U…

    And thanks so much for creating such a nice people around me…I am so sorry that sometimes I overlooked all the nikmah that you have given to me…

    And thanks to U again for making me releasing all the tears that has not been released for quite a time..I am so grateful that U made have this feeling again..The feeling of in need of U so much…

    All in all, I would like to thank u Allah for everything that U have given and have not given to me…None of them r mine..they r all yours…

    And thanks to all the people around me..

    Alhamdulillah 😉

  2. It is to Him that we turn to, it is to Him that we ask for help, advice and guidance.
    Because in the end, we are only weak human beings, who have no power at all unless given by Him.
    And it does not really matter what others think of us, what matters most is what HE thinks of us.
    Cos He’s the most important, of all things..

    big hugsssss to my sisters =)

  3. sukenyeee dah ade blog usrah..hehe 🙂 insyaAllah i will spend some time to write in here as well..

    kak mai,kite suke lagu nie jugak ^_^ esp the deep meanings.

    take care evryone
    and goodluck wansitah utk test2 esok.
    may Allah ease everything for all of us

  4. lepas ni sume org wajib share ape die dpt time weekend lepas ni ..heheehee…
    “sampaikan dariku walau sepotong ayat,” kata Nabi.
    So adik2, let’s do it!! lillahitaala..
    [tp jgn lupe settlekan segala homework n study yg urgent dulu k! tk care..]

  5. waaaa bessnye usrah de ade blog! ini sgtlah cool! ^-^ dan comel hehe

    moge Allah berkati usaha sisters saya di lester ni 🙂

    rindunye korg sume! hehe

    *hugss from leeds*

    doakan kitorg nk exam >.<

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